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Growing distances to reach services in the countryside is a fact nowadays. Some municipalities have decided to support financially local stores and their investments just to enable their further existence. We offer a parallel alternative where inhabitants can be transported using shared resources bringing them to services and vice versa. In this case it is about filling in possibly lacking commercial transports  with goods and personnel ride sharing where drivers can pick up others along their way. This kind of transportation arrangement is especially resilient towards possible environmental changes affecting transportation costs such as fuel to which municipalities have little or no control.

Ride sharing can work anywhere and local goods transports can be made easier in less densely populated areas by requesting a ride for e.g. post parcel from closes post office or self-service parcel pick-up point, grocery bags from click-and-collect points (especially for elderly, families with children or physically challenged), IKEA or similar large shopping orders, second hand clothing or other goods, summer cottage items, hardware errands, direct sales from farms, customer returns or warranty repairs or library loan returns.

PiggyBaggy currently supports ride sharing of goods and is expanding to cover also personnel ride sharing during 2019. Contact us and let’s arrange an efficient and convenient ride sharing for your municipality!


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You can find information of our pilots and publications regarding ride sharing in here.