Isännöintiliito valitsi Asokotien kanssa toteuttamamme Asoliiterin vuoden 2018 isännöintiteoksi.  Lue lisää. is being developed. There’s been a public demand to create pay-per-use, possibility to loan multiple items at a time... View Article

Ten small Finnish businesses were selected as winners of this year’s smart everyday living (Fiksu arki) enterprise competition by Sitra.... View Article

Watch a light and short video on practical everyday application of robotics situated in Jätkäsaari:

Read an article of the tool rental service pilot, known as Liiteri, where urban customers can rent selected K-rauta tools... View Article

28.9. klo 15-19 Teurastamo, Helsinki. CoReorient Oy tekee kumppaneineen kiertotaloudesta fiksumpaa!