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Publications by CoReorient Oy

As part of our mission, we find it important to give back to our community of game changers and share our learnings from trials, research projects and pilots.  This is to help others move faster with their journeys and make our societies sustainable together.




  • Creating value for consumers in CE - Tools as a service, Antikainen, M., Lammi, M., and Paloheimo, H. 2017. The XXVIII ISPIM Innovation Conference – Composing the Innovation Symphony, Austria, Vienna on 18-21 June 2017, ( Presentation slides )
  • Circular Economy business model innovation process – case study, Antikainen Maria, Aminoff Anna, Kettunen Outi, Sundqvist-Andberg Henna, Paloheimo Harri. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing KES-SDM, April 26th - 28th 2017, Bologna, Italy. Springer series Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, Vol. 68 ISSN 2190-3018. ( Presentation slides )
  • Designing circular business model experimentation - Case study, Antikainen Maria, Aminoff Anna, Paloheimo Harri, Kettunen Outi. Proceedings of the 2017 ISPIM Innovation Forum, March 19th - 22nd 2017, Toronto, Canada.